Meet Diana


What we feel in our hearts is what we send to our minds.
What we send to our minds is what we manifest.

I’m Diana Previs. I was born with the gift of intuitively tapping into your deepest desires and the hidden blocks that keep you from manifesting them and channeling back to you the answers you are seeking.

What do i do?

As a manifestation channel, self actualization coach, and teacher, I’m able to intuitively facilitate a shifting in your energy and thinking.  I uncover locked ideas within your subconscious and bring them to the surface of your awareness. The result allows you to become a master influencer of your life and the creative life alchemist you were born to be.

How did i start manifesting?

My first manifestation was my dream job.  Shortly after asking myself, “How do I be a nurse in a suit?” I became an advocate for cancer patients all over the globe, empowering them to want to live.  It was in this role that I saw that their desire to heal needed to come from the inside out. In facilitating their healing,  I discovered my ability to feel the thoughts, emotions, and blocks that held them back and channel the answers they were seeking.  My ultimate manifestation, however—and the one that began my Manifestation workshops—came later, being with my dad during his final transition.

Why do i do manifesting workshops?

Never did I imagine, as a young girl born and raised in a small town in Indiana that life could be as big as we wish and that we get to create it.  I remember once hearing, “If you love what you do, you will do it well, and the money will come.”  I want to teach this to everyone.  I wanted to make sure that I got to do what I came here for.

What inspired me to create the manifest cafe?

I was inspired by an internationally renowned surfer, Barrie Boehne, of Infinity Surf Boards, Inc.  In her early days of surfing, she didn’t know how to swim, and when I asked, “Why would you want to go surfing if you didn’t know how to swim?” she replied, “It’s the fun that got me here!”   I realized I came here for the thrill of it, the thrill of being a bridge that brings a million people into their higher awareness, that place where they manifest their dreams.

Diana's prior work and certification

  • Founder,
  • Producer, Online Health Summit Series “Happy Gut, Healthy Lives”
  • Patient Advocate, Oncology patients
  • Life Coach
  • Certified Reiki Master

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